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What kinds of photos do you edit?

JPEG files are fine, but we prefer RAW image formats.

What file format do you deliver?

We deliver high resolution JPEGS.

Turn around time?

For High-end retouching such as this we take up to 5 days to deliver a set.  It may come sooner, but no later!

Turn around HOW do I place my order?

Fill out the form on the order page, select your options and add any special notes, click attack to visit the order page.  On the order page, enter your name, email address, and upload your photos.  Next, select the total number of photos you would like to have retouched then click “submit”.  Next make your payment then click Attack!  While you relax

Turn around HOW do I place my DO you charge Sales Tax

No!  Our ninjas are digital, no taxes apply !

how do I send in my photos?

Right now, we only accept photos through the file uploader here .

what happens to my photos after you finish retouching them?

When the mission is complete, we send the finished photos back to you via dropbox.

We will keep your downloadable files available via link for 30 days from delivery

What is the difference betwEen sending in Jpeg vs Raw

While we can work with jpegs we prefer RAW.

Simply put, raw images are better quality than Jpeg due to the compression that takes place when saving the file, RAW files instead retain that date for a higher quality file.  Another way of saying this is, the better the photo coming in, the better the file going out.